Catching up with Festival interns from the Miller School


Each year, hundreds of volunteers work to make the Virginia Festival of the Book a success. In the lead-up to the 2016 Festival, a group of students from the Miller School of Albemarle were among these volunteers, donating their time to helping Festival staff with a wide variety of tasks.

English department chair, Jason Nabi, leads the group, guiding them in their support of the Festival. Whether working to proofread the Festival schedule or participating in the “Poster Crusades” to hang posters and distribute marketing materials around town, this group of students helped the Festival in immeasurable ways. Post-Festival, this team of student interns is still going strong, helping sort and record each and every evaluation form we received at Festival programs or online.

From left to right: Jordano Bakalian, Nate Cantu, Casey Sanders, Jane Kulow, Rena Conklin, and Crystal Zang
From left to right: Jordano Bakalian, Nate Cantu, Casey Sanders, Jane Kulow, Rena Conklin, and Crystal Zang
Here’s some of what they had to say about the Festival experience:

Lilly Nichols (10th grade) reflects, “I first got involved when I heard about a service opportunity available. This year, my involvement felt more hands-on than ever. I truly felt like I was a contributing factor to the Festival being as great as it was.” She continues, “The most interesting part was seeing the Festival grow.”

Maria Nimmo (10th grade) says, “It was rewarding to work for months and see the Festival come together. I like the cause and I like making Charlottesville a more cultured place.”

Casey Sanders (10th grade) says, “I got involved in my freshman year because I liked reading, and I never stopped. As long as I’m in Charlottesville, I’ll help out.” Sanders continues, “You meet some interesting characters while putting up posters and distributing bookmarks.”

Additional Miller School interns include Jordano Bakalian, Nate Cantu, Rena Conklin, and Crystal Zang. The Festival greatly appreciates these students’ efforts and the ongoing support of Mr. Nabi and the Miller School.

For more information about Festival volunteers and how you can get involved, click here.