Becoming A Healing Presence

Fri. March 18, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

The Colonnades - Monroe Room

2600 Barracks Road Charlottesville, VA 22901

Hosted by: St. Nicholas Orthodox Church


Albert Rossi, author of Becoming a Healing Presence, discusses his theme, that in order to become a healing presence for others, we must first be healed ourselves—through an active relationship with the great Healer, Christ. Dr. Rossi gently points the way toward deepening our love for God and for each other so that others may experience Christ through us.

Why should you attend?

“Dr. Rossi’s sincere, down-to-earth style makes a profoundly deep topic both personal and accessible. His words, soaked in the Fathers and theologians of Orthodox Christianity, compel the reader to take whatever step is necessary to turn off the iPod of the world in order to hear the Lord, to find wholeness in the soul, and to be Jesus to one’s neighbor.” —Rev. Fr. John Parker, Chair, Department of Evangelization, Orthodox Church in America

“Dr. Rossi’s words that ‘becoming a healing person is within range’ encourage me to rededicate myself anew to this primary calling of being a healing presence to others. Rossi offers practical how-to advice for the Christian seeking the Lord through love of others. You too can benefit from this wise man’s years of experience by reading his book.” —Rev. Fr. Nino Cavoto

Rossi, Albert, Becoming Healing Presence